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Wooden Anxiety Fidgets

A selection of wooden anxiety fidgets

Sometimes simplicity is all you need

Introducing the wooden anxiety fidget. This sensory tool is hand crafted and sanded to be incredibly smooth and satisfying to hold. Carry one in your pocket to distract and slow down your busy mind. Made from exotic hardwoods, each anxiety fidget helps you ground yourself with something you won’t find anywhere else.

“The wooden fidget is such a great idea! I ordered mine in Bolivian Rosewood and it was as beautiful as expected. It fits in the hand nicely and feels nice and smooth.”

Lisa - June 2023

“This is a wonderful shop, run by a wonderful person, and I love my little fidget. It’s a touch bigger than a half-dollar coin, curved, and completely smooth. It’s lightweight and easy on the hands. It’s very obviously a high quality product, and I’m very happy with it!”

Martin - January 2023

“Shipped quickly. Nice smooth fidget. Fits nicely in the hand. Very soothing. Shop was incredibly helpful.”

Tina - April 2023

Custom Work

Every item made is curated with your goals and vision in mind. Expert craftsmanship is the hallmark of a true Peregrine Woodshop product, and our pride will show through in your one-of-a-kind piece.

Red cedar double waterfall table
Charcuterie Board
End table

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